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Earn from mobile networks

Earn, while others talk, text, use the internet.

Cover the world

Powered by your own global GSM access.

Unite services with the net

Finally possible without changes for the users.
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The addSIM can do ..

This SIM card fits on your existing SIM card. Now you can use better rates at home, on the move and worldwide. With more net and our innovative one-app performance your phone can do more more easy.

  • addSIM userYour personal phone r-evolution:
    • International flat rates start from 0,-.
    • Superior connectivity through an additional and parallel GSM access. WiFi based services like VoIP, messaging and more are inclusive. The result is seamless roaming across networks even borders.
    • Real security options help for deeper privacy and solid data protection in the phone and over the air.
    • Don´t change! Just keep what you have! Keep your existing SIM card, phone or number!
    All details: addSIM can do
  • addSIM - logoaddSIM gives you the most out of mobile networks.
    • Reach six billion phones without changes for the users.
    • Win autonomy from 3rd party providers.
    • Deliver the net directly as new part or your products and services.
    • Any business, literally anyone can have its own SIM cards or become a Network Service Provider | Internet Service Provider.
    • Operate borderless with our global to local performance.
    • Enjoy an outstanding SLA - close to real-time.
    • Start saving or making money after after 30 or 90 days.
    All details: addSIM Solutions
  • addSIM for telco, MNO, MvNO, NSP, ISP Innovate your portfolio
      as Telco - MNO - MvNO - NSP - ISP - telecom distribution.
    • No changes for the users. The addSIM is an add, not an instead.
    • The addSIM is a perfect tool in a competitive market situation.
    • Local telcos can go international with our international MvNO.
    • International rates starting from 0,- let you offer worldwide flat rates.
    • The addSIM has a OEM and a White Lable program of course.
    All details: addSIM Solutions


Game Changer Features

Let mobile networks work for you and for your customers
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Invest in Wireless Mobility

Share with us one of the most exciting rapid growth markets.
As part of the addSIM you become part of this evolutionary innovation for getting the most out of mobile networks.

Join in and lets start production together! We did all the homework since 2011. Now we want to jumpstart big for we have gathered inquiries from telcos and financial service providers and from travel industry. Interested parties from the wireless or telecom industries can benefit double of course.

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